How does this work?

Every Quest contains two hidden codes, each five characters long. One code always starts with "AN", like AN123, ANFUR, or AN4FR. The other one always starts with "CO".

Submit the codes you find to gain points.



Check the title of the first quest. Who said that? Is there a code/chiffre named after this guy? Try google! For the second code, remember that this is the fist quest. So it might be very easy to find.


I'm stuck

The quests on Gecko are designed to be very hard. Don't expect to solve them right away. Sometimes a few nights of thinking are required to get the right angle.


My account was deleted!

Every day a number of random accounts with some inactivity will be deleted. To avoid this, log in regularly or subscribe to Project Gecko via Paypal to become a member and support this Project. Development of this site is labour and cost intensive and we appreachiate your support.


When will you post a new quest?

We are trying to develop a new quest every 1-2 months. Remember that you will only have access to the quest if you have enough points.



For feedback, ideas, to request features or to report bugs contact

Please do not ask for help with the riddles.